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Agents facilitate the continuous, two way communication, nature of open source management with White Source.

They inspect the currently used open source in the project and communicate it to White Source servers.

The service treat it as a first source, defacto, statement of the actual state of open source usage in the project, process it, take actions based on the analysis and respond back to the agent.


This two way communication channel is used to keep White Source up to date in an automated and continuous fashion.

Providing, at the same time, feedback of open source analysis back to the external environment in which the agent operates.


This lead agents to blend natively into the build process, usually in the form of a dedicated plugin.

At the moment there are production ready plugins for MavenAnt ,Jenkins CI, TeamCity, and Bamboo.

API Specs

The API is just a HTTP endpoint implementing a JSON speaking web service. Communication is secured with SSL like the service itself.

At the time of writing, the API support two methods:

  • Check Policies - check if given open source libraries conforms with company policy.
  • Update Inventory - update open source inventory.


For technical specifications of the API please visit the Agents API page.


Nothing stops anybody from implementing the API in their own beloved language.

However, currently, there is a full implementation written in Java. For more details see the Java Client page.

Custom Client

Didn't find the agent best suited for you ?



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