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This guide is intended for the installation of WhiteSource app in an AWS account.


** It is assumed that you already have both the EC2 AMI and the RDS Snapshot given by WhiteSource.

EC2 Launch From AMI

EC2 Configurations:
  1. m4.xlarge
  2. 1 TB Storage
  3. Port 443 is open on the instance Security Group.

RDS Launch From Snapshot

DB Configurations:
  1. db.m3.2xlarge
  2. Multi-AZ
  3. Application Security Group (Maybe other app related SGs)
  4. DB port - 3306

WhiteSource Configuration

Connect the DB to the App



Configure SMTP (Mail) Server


Configure Artifactory

Add indexed repositories to maven-settings.xml and

  1. Open ~\WhiteSource\maven\maven-settings.xml file.
  2. Add the indexed repositories under the profile tag, each repository should have its own tag.

  3. Update file.

  4. Configure application to update index on JBoss startup:
  • None