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Now that you have installed ran your plugin, it is time to login and see your results.


Logging in methods

White Source provide two methods for user login, normal login and social login. Both this methods may be user interchangeably.


Normal login

You will login using username and password after a submitting a registration form followed by an email validation procedure.


  1. Click "Create an account"
  2. Fill in all required fields in the registration form
  3. Agree to the service terms and conditions
  4. Click "Create account"
  5. You will receive an email shortly with a validation link, click the link in order to validate your email address.


Information privacy

Your personal information is kept securely on our servers. You can avoid this by using the social login approach.


Social login

You will login using your preferred social identity provider.


  1. Click on the button for the social identity provider to use
  2. A popup will open for you to enter your credentials
  3. You will be asked to approve White Source to use your social identity the first time you login. Approve.

First login

The first time you login, you will either create a new organization or redirected to your organization dashboard.

Creating new organization

Just enter the name of your organization and click ok.

Existing organizations

If your organization already exists you will be able to send its admin an email. Ask him to add you as a member.

Using an invitation

Members of an organization may be invited by the organization admin. In such cases, login using one of the above method. Once logged in, you will be redirected directly to the organization dashboard.

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