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White Source let's OpenShift user easily and automatically manage their open source assets.

Follow these simple steps to connect your OpenShift deployment with White Source.


  1. Working OpenShift account
  2. Working White Source account

Turning on Maven plugin integration

Make sure your Maven integration is enabled. 

Maven configuration is found in the "Admin" menu under the "Maven" tab. For more information see Maven plugin.


Note that our org-token is unique and is used to identify your specific White Source organization on other systems (like OpenShift)

Modifying the OpenShift POM.xml file

After setting up you OpenShift gears, you should have a Git repository that you use to deploy your application to OpenShift.

Within this deployment, you'll find a maven configuration files called "pom.xml". Inside this files, you should have a "profiles" tag with a "openshift" profile in it. In this profile, you should add the White Source Maven plugin as follows:

It should look something like:


All done!

First time run

After committing and pushing the updated POM.xml file to OpenShift, White Source will setup your projects and will send you a notification when the project setup is done.

Every time you push a new version to OpenShift using Git, White Source will look for changes to your open source inventory, make the required changes and start the relevant business processes automatically.

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