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WhiteSource now support SP-Initiated Single-Sign-On using SAML 2.0.

WhiteSource SAML Integration is now on BETA stages.

This page will explain about the process.


In order to integrate SAML 2.0 with WhiteSource, you must provide your organization's SAML metadata, which should include:

  1. Entity ID - The unique SAML Id of your organization
  2. SSO URL - The URL which every employee will be re-directed to, in order to authenticate.
  3. Certificate - The certificate will be used to decrypt your organization's SAML messages. (In case those messages are signed)

BETA Process

  1. Contact in order to get the integration up and running.
  2. You will provide us your organization's metadata (Written in SAML format).
    Important- The metadata file should exclude these fields:
  3. Include WhiteSource as a Service Provider with the given metadata.
  4. After exchanging metadata, we will create an account for you. (Or connect your current account to SAML)
  5. After all that is done, WhiteSource will provide your organization a login link which will be in use by all of your employees.

    From now on, your organization is integrated to WhiteSource using SAML 2.0 protocol.

WhiteSource Metadata



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